find the oile paintings

The other big Italian pie is the Venetian school. The big house was bellini, and the disciple was giorgione and titian, who were later appointed to the two positions. Venice is opulent and colorful. Let's call it the Venetian, right?

See titian and go to the Venus of urbino. Feel the soft color of skin.


As well as the "wedding of Ghana" by venezuela, one of my favorite paintings is directly opposite to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Feel the beauty of this.

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As you can see, the Venetian draw is more honest, and the details are drawn. Unlike Raphael, the background is more metaphysical.

In this respect, Florence and Rome were more aesthetically beautiful. Venice is even more colorful.

And the northern school is in a mess.

First of all, there is a kind of manipulation in the north. One of them was Michelangelo.

Look at the Bosch picture:

So you see, in the 16th century there was a strange artist. Let's call this a manipulationistic geek... Appreciate them, mainly appreciate the idea and composition...


The italians did not want to paint the landscape, and the northerners said they would love to do so, and they began to have landscapes, which they added to the genre. Then there was the custom. At that time the northern custom was more realistic. Very simple, not enchanting, still be sent down by the mirror. The following old borungail farmer's folk painting: guileless? Strong enough? Well, that's it.

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Later, the Italian sienese and the Romans sent a few of them, and guido reni and the Karachi brothers began to study light. In the end, caravaggio was the king of the Lord. He is the only one who is in the black and the dark. Let's call him caravagaccio. Doesn't it seem a little stage?

Johannes Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring