study Vincent van Gogh


My aesthetic might be to stay a few centuries ago and retain a little bit of my own obsession


This painting is a good home for a new aunt to walk away

Later learned that the school can't draw oil painting Because of the reason of pollution and so on Generally require specialized exhaust system of the classroom and deal with waste paint facilities to the cost of the good things always have dried up and also very very slow to wait a few months

Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night oil painting reproductions



To go back in April Oils also don't have so many rules in March and April when a group of self-portrait that I won a prize School sent me a bunch of painting materials as prizes There was a box of soluble oil paints!!!!!! I brought the box of paint back to the new world and opened it again to me


A similar painting of watercolor paint has been drawn before


Then I started painting people last week


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