Quietly the snow falls

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Quietly the snow falls ... weightless - fluffy and white ...

Mehdi - Gateway to the clouds

Quietly the snow falls ... weightless - fluffy and white,
The winter came unexpectedly at once and boldly,
Accurately the snowflakes fall into the open hand,
Crossed out with a soft gesture autumn gray boredom.

Quietly the snow falls ... filling all around with it,
Cleanliness amazes some absolutely unearthly,
As if in a light coat, a coquette was dressed - nature,
Prepared for the meeting of the hurrying New Year.

Quietly the snow falls ... spreading on warm eyelashes,
This new winter turned the life page ...
All bad things went to the snow-white lung,
So t Peter Ellenshaw art

hat only we can leave the heat in good memory.

Quietly the snow falls ... sweeping away sadness and sadness,
We are from them, frankly, for a little bit tired,
Let only light and the welcome delight of renewal come,
The beauty of inspiration will not leave the enamored hearts!

Quietly the snow falls ... weightless - fluffy and white ...

© Copyright: Svetlana Pugach

Winter fairy tale from photographer IgorK

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