"And the mountain light does not fade in us ..." Boris Chichibabin

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"And the mountain light does not fade in us ..." Boris Chichibabin

Verses by Boris Chichibabin

Between grief and nothing
we chose sorrow.
And someone will ask: "Why?",
and someone will say: "It's a pity."

And whether the mob, or even know,
laughing, waved his hand.
And we do not have time to choose
and think about peace.

We are i Mario Myung art for sale

n the world a handful for hundreds of years,
on thousands of lands,
and in us the mountain light does not fade,
not hype the god of hops.

We - how to breathe - by taking a seal
persecution and separation, -
fire with a spark to answer
and music to the sound.

And doom to the cross
and the bitterness of drinking
we redeem a vanity
and rudeness of being.

We leave the soul here,
so that the Lord
forgave us creative pride
and the grumbling flesh.

And we should go, go, go,
while the hearts are beating,
and know that there is no way
neither measure nor end.

When angels come to us,
caressing silence,
we are only for a few minutes
forget the soul.

And again - for the sheets of poems,
for the brush, for the piano, -
between grief and nothing
who chose to be sad.


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