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I was basically no art education, in addition to the compulsory education stage of the art class, only a very small time on the sketch of about ten classes of interest classes. For a long time did not move the pen for a long time, then in 2013 when the beginning suddenly want to draw the characters in the ice like. So spent a Khal Drogo sent to friends, the picture is naturally very ugly, but friends can recognize it, so greatly encouraged, began to jump pit.

The beginning of a few is in the ordinary A4 paper painting, about 10 after the decision to begin to value the authenticity of the screen, so buy a sketch paper, find pictures slowly painting, one with three hours, two or three days to draw a. Each painting has 80% of the time is to use the eraser to remove the lines, not to change, so slowly looks really like. But the brush strokes are messy, dark Department of hard rather than through the cable to solve. So after a half months, the sketch of the foundation is a little, so began to draw color, the beginning is the water powder, Hu painting, and later slowly find the feeling, began to test the use of color coverage to the screen.

Now is the favorite or portrait, can play the imagination. Although the law and the law can not rely on this but also do not expect to rely on this meal, so as long as the painting when happy, sent a friend circle to harvest a few praise, to meet. And each painting can feel better than the previous one, if the time to the skills of the platform period, to the studio specialized learning skills are also not a bad idea. So far used to draw the time to add up to about 1000 hours of the bar. Draw a picture sketch generally use an hour more, a 50 * 60 oil painting is about 4 to 6 hours. The key is that in the painting, feel very happy. This is a fool of their own. If you want to pretend to be happy to be too worthless.

Color now with water-soluble oil paint, no taste, no turpentine. Even without any other media agent. The most affordable picture of about ten dollars (Taobao search), so want to draw at any time to draw, do not need to prepare time, do not need to go to a special place. Very convenient.
On a few paintings. Just amateurs, the level is not high, sorry for your flow of the ....


This is a sketch of a year and a half ago


This is a sketch of a year ago


This is a sketch six months ago


This is a year ago the board painted, abandoned pit



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