Henry Asencio about personal passion

It is difficult to unite in the work of art classical ideals of figurative painting and a unique, innovative, more than modern style. But the American artist Henry Asencio succeeded, and with apparent ease.

The artist himself claims that painting for him was the only opportunity to express his own passion and an endless inner dialogue, which he conducts with himself exactly as much as he remembers. He seems to be a lonely researcher of femininity, elegance, and sensuality. The open style of writing, a wide palette of colors, the use of textures and an irreproachably worked-out style brought this artist world recognition.




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At the beginning of his career, Henry Asencio earned a living as a portraitist, and it was this experience that taught him to delicately distinguish between human emotions. Today he creates not just an erotic female body. He creates a mood, aesthetics, perfection, finds and manifests on the canvas a true female soul - and with it it will not be easy to meet even in real life. It is not difficult to guess what becomes for him the only and full-fledged source of inspiration - certainly, perfect female forms. This gives him a special, impulsive approach to creating his creations and the opportunity to express personal dependence in each of them. It is a great happiness to create your own reality in the most beautiful of human passions.

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