Parable of the Candlelight

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The parable is wise-wise ...

Four candles burned quietly ...

It was quiet that they could hear them talking.

The first said: "I am calm. People
do not have me save. "And the spark of the candle went out.

The second said: "I am a believer, I do not need anyone." People do not want to hear about me. "
A light breeze blew and put out the candle.

Sad, the third candle said: "I am love. People do not appreciate me." And thi Martin Beaupré art for sale

s candle

 A child entered the room, frightened of the darkness, he cried.

Then the fourth candle said:

"Do not cry. While I'm burning,
you can always light other candles:

I am hope "...

Alina Belina

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