Marina Basmanova

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Rare photo M.B.

Marina Basmanova, Brodsky's only love. "I remember when I was arrested, planted, when I was sitting in a cage, I somehow did not pay attention to it. I thought of Marina more than about where I was and what happened to me The two best moments of my life, that life, is when she once appeared in that police station where I sat for a week or ten days. There was such an inner courtyard, and suddenly I heard a meow - she entered the courtyard and mewed for A Andre Masson art

nd the second time, when I was sitting in a madhouse, and I was being pricked than through the yard in malachi with bounded sleeves, I saw only that she was standing in the courtyard ... And this for me was then more important and interesting than anything else ... And this saved me to a certain extent ... "Joseph Brodsky P.S. I've never seen a single photograph of her, except this one, fuzzy and blurry, made by Brodsky himself, where Marina in a knitted cap is standing next to Naiman. There is one more, the same small and incoherent where she is with her son from Brodsky Andrew. And the top photo from the exhibition, it is photographed, so it's also not very clear, as it flashes. But still, an amazing face, right? http://sadalskij.livejournal.com/2076724.html

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