Long time ago, the witnesses were ready to prepare the love spell of the way. How much would you like to find your own favorite? ...
How about a woman to be the lead?
Helen Hyde Casting Out Bad Luck
For the co-ordinated: this witch who learns. I know, know!
So, in order to become a real woman, women should always have their own house, preferably their own, (many women with no reason to wear it), time and products.
The products you need to make for any kind of person you need are prepared in your refrigerator, zero or more, in the nearest shop.
& nbsp;
So, let's begin.
To cook such dishes with all the most accounted hours. В12,14,16, etc.
Helen Hyde Casting Out Bad Luck
In the process of making.Outly speaks of the phone with another, one who loves a favorite man.
You only have one thing!
But now the recipes:
Asparagus, Aphrodisiac.
Root plants are used. Cooked in a wine and fun with a round, a naked stomach, seven days contract.
If you add, together with a finely rubbed lemon with a single spoon and a bottle of cognac, you will not get a taste of it.
Beans are good.
If you have a man is subject to a large emotional and physical load, feed the legume at breakfast. Then, with a flurry of restraint in the day.
Vegetable drinks & quot; erotic puss & quot;
Honey 1l
Water 4 glasses
Vegetables are mixed with scoop, poured with boiling water and immediately form a fiery furnace. They are brought to a boil, removed from the fire, and set up for 10 min. They are boiled down, and the aplite part is used to make the pullets.
Drink & quot; exciting & quot ;.
Currant (dry leaf) 1ch.
Dandelion drug (dry leaf) 1chl
Water3 liters
All components mix, pour boiling, to boil, insist for 1 hour. Boil for about 1 day.
Drink & quot; sexy & quot ;.
Raspberry (dry leaf) 1chl
Calendula (dry leaf) 1chl
Rosehip (dry flowers) 1ch.
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Water Cup
Boiling water is added to the mixture with all the grasses, caraway seeds, brought to a boil and dissolved. Saturate 30 minutes.
Chinese erotic recipe.
Greek walnut50g
Gretskiyeorekhipodzharivayutgrowth. Oil, separately frygrowth the age of the cleaved chisel, bringing it almost ready, salt is fed to the table.
Alcohol in small doses as well as hydrophysical. It can be used.
---- 50gbananogoliker, 50glekerabeylis, 100gananasovosokok.Zzbit Beat the spiked chalice.Suit to embellish with broken with jets.
---- 0.5L, dry-walled, juice, orange, 2-3st.lokkimeda, pinch-hole, pinch of the bluebird, pinch-onkamuskata.Stop 14 days in the fridge.
---- 50smeshishalfeya, rozmarinichabretsa, taken equal proportions, fill with a bottle of wine. This is a special variant for increasing the libido.
Love and be loved!. Surprise your man, you will always be your soul!

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