What is the meaning of moles on the body?

Probably a man of some kind.
1. Point "third eye", eye Shiva.
That one, here in the region, has infinite intuition, the mind and each other with inclination to mysticism.
2. right angle
Meaningfulness - Vivid, jealous, easily irritable
3. right
Poetrynatura, the propensity of intellectual professions.
4. Right eye
This is a testament - evidence of deep love and hardiness, as well as sensuality and generosity.
Changeable, confusing temporal short temples.
Passion for travel, fantasy and creativity.
The value of one in this place is ungrounded, the predominance of self-centeredness in character.
8. Under the eye
Unlimited sensuality. Coupled life with experiences.
9. left eye
In that which concerns love, a predisposition to a justifiable feeling of guilt and addiction to spouses.
Excellent memory, diplomacy, earthiness.
11th tip
The taste of the complexity of love relations to all the forbidden.
Helen Hyde A Mexican Coquette
Entangled sentimental communication, a man without restraint loses passion.
Frequent springs and quick reconciliation. The carnal love prevails over platonic.
Sublimely mysticalkladum, feelings of love for the whole and perfect extraordinary fate
Independence, love the food travel.
Lust (paternity), generosity, loyalty.
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17. Left side
Awesome seducer, inclination to a shocking way of teaching against vandalous events.
Wonderfulness with all the rest of the qualities. Fantasy and originality.
Tendency to sadness, thirst for the single greatest love.
Helen Hyde A Mexican Coquette
Difficult character, aptitude for degradation.
At the moment of change, in the intellectual, and in the love sphere. And the terminally-broken connection.
Underlined eroticism, sexuality and unfaithfulness.
Yasnyum, orderliness.Volyakrostukakukhovkogo, somaterialnym.
24. Subnibular
Fragile hemorrhage and insecurity — it’s not the most important way to designate patterns.
25. Chin
The desire to win a traditional, durable family. In general, a nice and balanced person.
If the root of the right hand, the value is -free from one side of the surface to another.
Mother's birthday is giving away a lot of children.
On shoulders
You have to do a bit of success
Meaningful Dark Roles - Fascinating Career, Happiness, Wealth
On the hand
Wow the dagger that brought you a success
Independence, hard work, energy
The value of the single men
On the forehead
The value of the one-way right is glory and part
Worried about
On the neck
If the root is positioned on the side, then the meaning is a slight light life. The neck is marked in front, you can hope for the head of the circle
On chin
Use your respects
Symptom of poor health or an irregular way of life, especially if left to the side
On shoulders
Your life is full of difficulties, but works like a wave
The value of the individual right hand is indecision. Often, you will be unaware of the way. The value of the single hand side and the quality of these are compensated by the feeling of a healer
On the back
Openly individual person inclined to grumble
On foot
The significance of the idiom indecision
Inclination to discomfort
On the feet
If the same on each of your descents, you will love to travel. If only your right is to stand on the light, there is no way for you to come.

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